Welcome to Creative CBT. This is the website of therapist/life coach Benjamin Mathews. Benjamin specialises in cognitive behavioural therapy via the internet. If you are new, why not check out the Getting started tab on the right hand side? Alternatively, click here if you would like to contact Benjamin or make an appointment.

About Benjamin

Benjamin MathewsBenjamin has a MA in psychology from Trinity College Dublin and a diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. While studying at Trinity College Dublin he also received the award for 'highly commended poster' at The 31st Annual Congress of Psychology Students in Ireland for his research poster entitled: Open-Label and Deceptive Use of Placebos: the Impact of Language and Framing on Expectations.

Benjamin has moderated a university online mental health board, and also assisted in the teaching of classes on counselling skills, listening skills assertiveness training, life drawing, and animation.

He believes in the potential to realise one's dreams and aspirations, and he actively pursues his own dreams. However, he also understands that obstacles can arise, and that life can be difficult.  He tries to help his clients find ways to overcome the difficulties that they face.

When he isn't working as a therapist, Benjamin is usually working on his independent film and animation projects or spending some quality time with his wife.