Welcome to Creative CBT. This is the website of therapist/life coach Benjamin Mathews. Benjamin specialises in cognitive behavioural therapy via the internet. If you are new, why not check out the Getting started tab on the right hand side? Alternatively, click here if you would like to contact Benjamin or make an appointment.

About CBT

Creative CBT offers a creative approach to counselling. We provide therapy tailored to suit the client. We primarily offer cognitive behavioural therapy, but we don't stop there, we believe in finding the approach that works for you.

What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?
Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is an empirically validated form of psychotherapy/counselling with over 1000 outcome studies attesting to its effectiveness in addition to significant media coverage about its benefits. In cognitive behavioural therapy the client and the therapist work together to identify and solve problems. The cognitive model itself deals with connections between behaviours, thoughts, and emotions as well as looking at how these are affected by our environment. 

The Cognitive Model
Cognitive therapy also deals with thinking errors that contribute to difficulties. Why not check out some of my comics about thinking errors or read the section about irrational beliefs.

Why use CBT?

CBT is tried and tested and stands up to evidence based medicine standards. Cognitive behavioural therapy is often used by individuals who either want to achieve some goal in their lives or overcome some difficulty. Numerous scientific studies show that it is an effective means of treating a range of problems, including: depression, phobias, social phobia, addiction, relationship problems, anger problems, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, and many more. Of course, psychotherapy should always be tailored to the client, but CBT studies have shown that more people stay well for longer with CBT than with other forms of psychotherapy or by medication only.

I offer cognitive behavioural therapy alone, or in combination with other approaches.

What other forms of counselling do you offer?
I understand that client's voice needs to be heard when considering what type of approach to offer, and equally that treatment should be adapted based on the clients needs. In addition to offering cognitive behavioural therapy I also offer elements of humanistic, psychoanalytical psychotherapy, art therapy, writing therapy and many more. 
I see the usefulness in dream analysis, free association techniques, and creating art as a form of catharsis.

How many sessions does it take? 
The length of therapy varies from client to client, but cognitive therapy is known for being much faster than other forms of psychotherapy. Where Freudian psychoanalysis can take years or be life long, CBT usually takes between two and a half months to a year. As the client improves the space between therapy sessions increases, allowing for gradual termination of therapy. Furthermore, cognitive behavioural therapy is intuitive and aims to equip you with the skills to become your own personal therapist - thus you empowering you to better face future challenges. You can also rest assured however, that if you need to resume therapy again, I will be more than willing to help.

How much does it cost?
Just because cognitive behavioural therapy is shorter than other forms of therapy, it doesn't need to be more expensive. Actually, right now I am offering 50% off!