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New Year's Resolutions - Budgeting Accomplishments Part 2

 Back in August I wrote a post about budgeting your accomplishments, and I thought, given that we are a month into the new year, I think now would be a good time to write up an update. For many people there is a tradition to take up new year's resolutions, but almost inevitably, people fail to keep them. Why is it that people fail to keep them? Which resolutions are important to keep? Is an all or nothing approach really best?

As a therapist, I find that people often give up on their goals after the first signs of failure. Rather than focusing on failure though, I find it is important to record instance of success and to have that help keep you motivated. Everyone has bad days, days when you let temptation get the best of you or days when you just don't have the motivation to keep at it. Sometimes all we remember are the failures, and we forget to remember and give ourselves credit for our successes. After numerous failures in the past, I tried modifying and applying cognitive behavioural therapy techniques to help keep myself motivated. I've found that it has helped keep me going. Over the last six months I have done well over 9,000 push ups, and gone from doing 10 push ups at a time to occasionally reaching 100 at a time.

I also keep activity logs and write down my accomplishments at the end of each day, and this helps challenge negative thoughts and helps boost my mood by allowing me to give myself credit for my accomplishments. Giving yourself credit for the little daily accomplishments you make is important for your mood, and motivation. Why not try it yourself?