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Creative CBT Newsletter: What do you think about Christmas?

Christmas Newsletter
Today I sent out the Creative CBT Newsletter to subscribers, but if you are not yet a subscriber and are interested in reading the newsletter you can find it here: Creative CBT Newsletter: What do you think about Christmas?

The Newsletter contains an article, site updates and special offers (including special offers exclusive to newsletter subscribers). Here is a snippet from this issue of the Newsletter:

Christmas: Time of Joy or Stress?

The Christmas period can be filled with ups and downs. Here in the UK and Ireland it is a time for families and friends to come together and exchange presents. However, in these times, many may find themselves under great stress for a number of reasons; common stressors include: feeling alone, searching for presents, money issues, work related issues, disagreements with family members, or simply factors related to the weather. During these times it is up to us to fight back at the negative and to create our own positive meaning for the period. This year Benjamin created 12 comics illustrating 12 ways of thinking that create negative bias and negative affect, you can check them out on the website, or alternatively I have put them in the 2014 calendar which will be sent out free for all new and current clients.

The Creative CBT 2014 Calendar

The calendar is folded A3 size stapled in the centre with a single punch through the top. For each month there is a comic illustrating one of Aaron T. Beck's (the founder of cognitive therapy) 12 thinking errors. The comics themselves were all illustrated and laid out by Benjamin, most are from the website, but two are exclusive to the calendar. Each month also includes a description of the thinking error. The comics will be sent to all current clients and new clients that apply before February, but are also available for sale (just send an email to at Benjamin@creativecbt.net). If you keep an eye out on the facebook page I will also have one or two competitions for free calendars there too.

Creative CBT Calendar