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The Worst Day of My Life: Christmas (Comic #11)

Comic: the worst day of my life: Christmas

Tunnel Vision
This comic is based off of Aaron Beck's thinking error # 11: tunnel vision. Aaron Beck proposed of thinking errors as part of his formulation of cognitive behavioural therapy. With tunnel vision you see only the negative aspects of a situation and the positives are invisible to you. Here the boy is unable to be happy with his new toy, because all he can think of is that he does not have the other toy he wanted. Please visit the facebook page to like or comment on this comic.
I think this is something that we all experience from time to time, especially around the Christmas period. It is also important to notice the overlap between tunnel vision, mental filter, disqualifying the positive and all or nothing thinking. Most of the time our logic will fall under several of these categories, and really all these titles aim to do is to give us a better understanding of how negativity alters our perception. Indeed, when we are depressed, our negativity will have a very general effect. However, these concepts of thinking errors allow us to challenge our negativity and find a path to a much better state of mind.

Thanks to Obsidan Dawn for the use of the snowflake shapes in the background.

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