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Facemagazine - Creative CBT Comic 10

This comic is based off of Aaron Beck's thinking error # 6: magnification/minimization. Here magnification/minimisation refers to making small problems seem like really big problems and big successes seem like trivial accomplishments. Please visit the facebook page to like this comic. My goal is to reach 178 likes! ;)
I'd like to thank my sister for suggesting that I do a comic about facebook likes! I think we can all relate to this in some form or other. In the above situation Dawn comes to the conclusion that her life has no value based on one rather small piece of evidence only to later discount this evidence when it no longer fits with her beliefs about herself. She is magnifying and minimising. Note that there is some overlap with other thinking errors, and here Dawn is probably also suffering from all or nothing thinking, discounting the positive, emotional reasoning, and overgeneralisation. To see the differences between these thinking errors, click on the links to view the corresponding comics.

Do you tend to make mountains out of molehills? Do you minimise your accomplishments?
Feel free to post below with your experiences.

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