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Positive Psychology and Self Actualisation

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Do you wish you were happier? Do you have some goal in life that you want to reach? Are you struggling, unaware of what keeps you from getting to where you want to be, and in search for something to take you that bit further? If so, you may find the guidance you need through positive psychology.

Positive psychology places emphasis on concepts like happiness, creativity, courage, hope, assertiveness and the humanistic concept of self actualisation. Too often a traditional approach to psychology focuses on negative concepts like mental illness and conditions like depression. Too often therapy focuses on only helping the client overcome negative states. However, therapy can make time for or even focus on bringing the client closer to helping the client discover or achieve their goals in life, and assist them on their pursuit for happiness.

The same tools that cognitive behavioural therapy uses to help problem solve for mental illness, can be used to problem solve in the pursuit of happiness or self actualisation. Often the problem of alleviating mental illness and seeking self actualisation are one and the same. The source of unhappiness may be inaction, or it may be that due to having unrealistic standards, setting goals that are not your own, or setting goals that are self defeating or unhealthy. This search for fulfilment can be assisted by guidance and careful rational thought.

We need to take care to ensure that the search for the achievement of ours goal will be manageable, healthy and sustainable. Furthermore, there may be issues to do with how the pursuit of such goals can effect our relationships and society at large. For this reason, it can be useful to be armed with knowledge from positive psychology or to have a life coach with you on your journey, to help you find your way to happiness and self actualisation.