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Video: Overcoming Depression with CBT Techniques

I came across this fantastic video on Youtube called "Overcoming Depression". The video features interviews with people who have suffered from depression, but overcome it by using various cognitive behavioural therapy techniques. It then goes on to teach you about these techniques. In my therapy sessions I use very similar exercises, including mood monitors, daily thoughts diaries etc. These are techniques used based on Aaron Beck's cognitive therapy methods and extensive research. I will post a few of the screen shots and examples of activities from the video below.

Overcoming Depression Video
Daily Thoughts Diary CBT overcoming depression
Daily Thoughts Diary Sheet
These questions can be used to challenge automatic thoughts
CBT filling in the daily thoughts diary

CBT Automatic thoughts

An activity schedule can be helpful to help you rate items in your day for pleasure and achievement. When depressed there is a tendency not to give ourselves credit for or acknowledge the little achievements over the course of the day, and also the moments of pleasure. For some people, if we don't take the time to consider the items in our day and rate them, we will just assume that our day was without pleasure or achievement. In this sense, keeping a record can help.  

CBT activity schedule sheet
Activity Schedule Sheet
CBT activity sheet pleasure rating
Rating the enjoyment of an activity (coffee with Emily) in the
activity schedule.
CBT activity sheet pleasure rating
Rating an activity for enjoyment and achievement in the
activity schedule.  Here we see going to the bank gave her
a small sense of enjoyment,  and also it can be seen
as an achievement.
Over time you will learn these techniques for yourself, and become your own therapist. This will help not only treat depressive episodes, but also prevent them. That is something that most other treatments, medical or therapeutic, do not do.

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