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How effective is online therapy?

Research into online therapy has been ongoing for quite some time now, and the conclusion seems to be that online therapy is as effective as face to face therapy and possibly more effective in the medium term and, furthermore, that CBT delivered online has lasting benefits. In this entry I will provide links to some popular news and research articles on the effectiveness of online therapy.

News articles on the effectiveness of online therapy:

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Scientific research articles supporting the effectiveness of online therapy:

Wagner, B, et al (2013) Internet-based versus face-to-face cognitive-behavioral intervention for depression: A randomized controlled non-inferiority trial. Journal of Affective Disorders, In press (click here)

In this study participants suffering from depression were treated with CBT based principles either online or face to face. Results seemed to indicate that those treated online actually did better than those treated face to face!

Kessler, D. et al. (2009) Therapist-delivered internet psychotherapy for depression in primary care: a randomised controlled trial. The Lancet, 374 (9690), 628 - 634 (click here)

This study published by David Kessler MD investigated the effective of CBT delivered online in real time by therapists with depression. Kessler and his colleagues found that CBT was effective when delivered online and had lasting benefits. A summary of this study can be found here.

Barak, A. et al. (2008) A Comprehensive Review and a Meta-Analysis of the Effectiveness of Internet-Based Psychotherapeutic Interventions. Journal of Technology in Human Services, 26(2-4), 109-160 (click here)

Researchers reviewed all the research papers published on the topic up until March 2006 (92 studies total). This research compared various forms of online therapy and found that "Internet-based therapy, on average, is as effective, or nearly as efficacious, as face to face therapy" (Barak et al., 2008, pg. 141). This study also compared audio, chat, webcam, email and forum based interventions, giving greater insights to therapists about how to make online therapy more effective.

As you can see there is significant scientific research backing online cognitive behavioural therapy, and that furthermore online therapy can be just as effective as face to face modalities. If you are considering online cognitive behavioural therapy, why not find out about the advantages of online cognitive behavioural therapy, or find out more about the cognitive behavioural model. Alternatively, feel free to contact Benjamin to find out more or to arrange a session.