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Creative CBT Comic #5: Not Stupid - Blind(-ed by Depression)

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Comic 5 discounting the positive
This comic is based off of Aaron Beck's thinking error #3: Disqualifying or discounting the positive. I think this is something we are ALL guilty of from time to time, but we are especially prone to this when we are depressed.
With this thinking error we tend to dismiss our achievements with thoughts like "it was just luck", "it was just an easy test", "anyone could do it", "other people did better than me" etc.  When we have thoughts like "I'm stupid" or "I'm a failure" it is important that we stop and try and look for evidence that would suggest otherwise; evidence that our mood might be trying to hide from us. We also need to consider whether thoughts like these are useful, regardless of their accuracy. If our negative beliefs are getting in the way of reaching our potential, then we need to get rid of those negative beliefs. This might not be as easy as it sounds, but that's why we have therapists! Feel free to post below if you relate to this comic or know someone like this!

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