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Too afraid to follow through and contact a counsellor? Why not start with an email?

Therapy can seem daunting at first. Some people will consider it for a long time, constantly looking into it, but still remain too paralysed by fear to follow through to the next step. However,
it is important to know that an overwhelming number of people do experience difficulties in life and as a result contact a therapist. Many of them too will initially feel too anxious or afraid to make the first step. Why not ease into it gradually, by starting with something as simple as an email? By making the move and sending an email to a therapist you are already making progress toward overcoming or managing the difficulties you may be experiencing.
There is no need to worry too much about the content of your email or about being judged in some way. Therapists are, after all, trained to offer unconditional positive regard and to respond without judgement. Additionally, with online therapy with skype, if you are too anxious to use video or audio at first, you can simply start by typing and sending messages. In this way you can ease into the process gradually. Therapy is all about enabling you to reach your potential, and this is done gradually, in small steps made one at a time. If you are currently considering therapy, but have so far been too afraid to make contact, why not give it ago, and start with a email!