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If you're lacking motivation, down or depressed, try budgeting your accomplishments

For people suffering from low mood, lack of motivation, depression it can be hard to motivate yourself to do anything, or for that matter, to remember the positives and your accomplishments. One great way to increase your motivation and to aid your memory is to add your accomplishments to a budget. Every time you accomplish something, give yourself credit for it. Anything that you consider hard is worth giving yourself credit for, from getting up out of bed, having a shower, whatever it may be. Write it down, add it to your budget and give yourself credit for it. I keep several myself, and find it helps to have it on a phone app that I can easily update where ever I go. However, you don't need a phone to do this, you can simply use a piece of paper. Try it yourself, give yourself credit for each of your accomplishments, and see your income grow. If the monetary aspect doesn't interest you, perhaps you can view it like a game, ten points brings you to level two! I find this helps motivate me to do more and also to acknowledge the things I have done, perhaps it will work for you too!

Budgeting fitnessBudgeting fitness