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Poems about mental illness: Being cruel to be kind - by psychotherapist R.D. Laing

To be kind is good. To be cruel is bad.

It is bad to feel mother is cruel to me, and hence bad.

Mother is cruel to me
but she is only being cruel to be kind
because I thought she was cruel when
she was cruel
in punishing me
because I was cruel to her
to think she was cruel to me
for punishing me
for thinking she was cruel
for punishing me for thinking.....

You are cruel
to make me feel bad to think
I am cruel to make you feel cruel
by my feeling bad that you can be so cruel as to think
I don’t love you, when you know I do.

If you don’t know I do there must be something the matter
with you.

- R.D. Laing
R.D. Laing