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Beating the Recession Depression

I read an interesting article about combating recession depression today (1). The recession has brought with it a general spirit of hopelessness, and a whole lot of very real problems. It also means that more people are seeking therapy to invest in their mental health. In times like these it is tempting to lose faith and to just want to give up. We need to find some way to cope and survive. Some turn to alcohol and drugs to try and self medicate. However, these methods of coping can end up creating additional problems. In these times it is easy to be afraid of the future, or even to wonder if we even have a future. Letting our mental health deteriorate does not help. We need to invest in our mental health and in order to invest in our future.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) in particular is well suited to dealing with recession depression. It aims to be short in duration, efficient and effective. In fact, while traditional Freudian psychotherapy often lasts years or may even be life long (2), cognitive behavioural therapy aims to end somewhere between two and a half months to a year, depending on the condition and severity (3). Not only is it shorter and more efficient than other forms of psychotherapy, it also aims to equip you with the abilities you need to problem solve and to become your own personal therapist. Thus after cognitive behavioural therapy you are empowered for the rest of your life. However, this does not mean that CBT is less effective, but rather studies indicate that it is just as effective or even more effective than other forms of psychotherapy (4).

That is why I choose to train in and offer CBT. CBT has advantages, not only does it meet the standards of evidence based medicine, but furthermore it is short, efficient and it offers clients long term value. I also integrate other approaches too however, as I believe that therapy should be tailored to meet the needs of the client and that each approach has value. I try to use techniques from other forms of psychotherapy in order to make therapy even more effective, comprehensive and dynamic. I believe that we can work together to outline a course of therapy that suits you. In turn, therapy can empower you to beat recession depression and better prepare you for taking on the challenges of the future.

2 Freud (1937) Analysis Terminable and Interminable. 
3 Judith Beck (1995) Cognitive Therapy: basics and beyond

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