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Who Is the Expert on You?

Different counsellors have different opinions on this. Some Freudian counsellors (psychoanalysts) believe that humans are unaware of the unconscious factors that motivate them. As such psychoanalysts believe that the counsellor, being an expert in unconscious motivations, knows more about you than you do yourself. However, those who follow a more humanistic approach, such as Carl Rodgers believe the opposite, that the client is the expert on themselves. Instead the therapist merely acts as a kind of mirror.

Personally, I believe that you are the expert on you. I do not know your past and what made you you. I cannot read your mind to know what you are really truly thinking. What therapists can do however, is to help you become even more expert on yourself. 

In cognitive behavioural therapy we aim to teach you how your thoughts affect your feelings and behaviours, to help you adjust maladaptive and unhealthy thinking patterns and to provide you with problem solving skills to help you cope with difficulties in your day to day life. 

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