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Sunset by the Sea

I am in Taiwan right now, and yesterday evening we went the sea to watch the sunset. I decided to record it so that you can watch it too.
I've uploaded to versions, one with music and one without music, so you can choice which ever you like best. I find there is something therapeutic about watching the sea
Both videos are on Zoutube in widescreen HD.

Sunset by the sea video with calming music:

Sunset by the Sea video with the sounds of the sea:
Both the sunset and the sea have special meanings for me. Sunset is the name of one of the main characters in one of my film projects, something I have been working on for many years and is very close to my heart. As for the sea, well, I have many special memories by the sea, some very sad moments, some very happy moments. None the less, I always feel at peace by the sea. It has a calming relaxing effect on me. I find it healing to watch and listen to. I hope that you can enjoy it too.

Benjamin Mathews recording Sunset by the Sea