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Suicide in Ireland

There is a lot of misunderstanding about suicide in Ireland, and for the most part many people cannot even begin to understand why someone would attempt suicide. Thoughts of suicide come when there seems to be no hope, particularly when you are in so much suffering and emotional or physical pain. Sometimes the pain seems so severe that you just can't take it anymore.  Isolation, lack of support from others, loss of hope, shame, guilt, dishonour, perceived failure and physical illness can all play their part in the push to suicide.

Of course we would prefer if all the pain and all the problems would just go away. If there was a way to get the support or understanding we needed from others then we would take that route instead of ending it all. That is why people look for help. They try to warn others about how they are feeling. They may try to tell others, they may even self harm. However, often times in Irish society people ignore these signs or take inappropriate action. What the suicidal individual needs is help to resolve or manage their difficult situation and reduce their suffering. Instead people may gossip about the person committing "fake suicide" or how they should have just killed themselves. I have heard such conversations myself, and it sickens me. Ireland's attitudes towards suicide and suicide attempts can be very cold and insensitive.

However, while many of the general public lack understanding, cannot relate, or do not know how to help resolve the issue, some do, and furthermore a good therapist or support group will provide empathy, and understanding.

A Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Approach to Suicide
Where cognitive behavioural therapy is concerned, we believe that often maladaptive thought patterns, interpretations, and beliefs contribute to suicidality. In a way, thoughts cause feelings and by addressing these thoughts, we can change the feeling. Cognitive behavioural therapy is also based around developing problem solving techniques and giving you the skills you need to survive and fight suicidal thoughts as they occur on a day to day basis.

However, there is no one approach to therapy that is right for everyone. For each person therapy needs to be tailored to individual needs. By starting Creative CBT Ireland I hope to provide a flexible and creative approach to counselling.

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts right now and don't know where to turn, please check:

Suicide Chat Lines
Samaritans – 18 50 60 90 90
1life – Freephone (24hrs) 1800 247 100 or text the word HELP to 51444

Northern Ireland
Samaritans – 08 457 90 90 90
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There is no single solution to the complex issue of suicide: There is no single solution to the complex issue of suicide