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Forever Alone Filmmaker Gets Married!

M dot Strange writes, directs, animates, voices and composes music for his own independent films and also hosts the podcast "Forever Alone Filmmaking". He is an independent filmmaker in the truest sense. His films are  far from mainstream, and include titles like "We Are The Strange", "Heart String Marionette" and his current project " I Am Nightmare".  These titles, often deal with feelings of being lost, confused, alone, and depressed. Some may feel that these films, unlike modern Hollywood films, truly speak to them, and furthermore, help them, perhaps in some way being therapeutic for those who can relate to them.

Now, the forever alone filmmaker has something new to celebrate about, he has found someone.

Congratulations to M dot Strange and Rakel Musicbox!

I M dot StrangE: My Bitcoin Wedding: So I just got married to my longtime girlfriend in Iceland. She @RakelMusicbox and I @ MdotStrange  make up the smallest anima...